Fuck Tha Void

by Airborne Drumz

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Fuck Tha Void.
I always wanted to mix electronic and instrumental music together, like a person who had experience in both scenes. So,I decided to make the 3rd album. The most aggressive, emotional and chaotic in breakcore. I wanted to go thru it as an underground musician and leave it in my past.

Yeah! The main idea was 'emotions and chaotica in electronic music and breakcore'. I listened to a lot of electronics and breakcore before but it was usually too straight. Patterns and sequences in the 2nd wave of breakcore were usually really complex but the track in general usually was too straight. There was a lot of rhythm/beat emotions in instrumental music (power violance/ mathcore/ deathcore), like, for example, the drum line even without a melody could be really broken. I wanted to bring this idea to breakcore and I started.

The 1st track was "Fuck Rambo" and when I 1st time played it on a gig I realized that it was the sickest shit I've ever heard and I just gotta make the whole album. I kept going writing tracks, playing gigs, speaking with musicians about sound. I made it better and better, step by step, until I done it.

Few words about album's title and the time of my life when i wrote it. I worked f'ing 40 hours per week to survive in city with 25M ppl. I had only 3 hours per day to write music and only 2 weekends to go somewhere to play. It took me 1 month to write each track and I spent all my free time doing it. I just lived this album. I breathed it. It was my safe place. It took 1 year to write it. And almost 1 year I played these tracks on gigs. Sometimes, I had few gigs to play on weekends, one after another. Like I went to some city, played gig, then went back to Moscow, worked the whole week, and then went to another city on next weekends. I was exhausted as fuck, I was sick many times. I spent all my money to equipment, tickets, and other stuff and didn't got anything back. It was a fucking pain of underground but it was worth it.

When you travel and play gigs you have a lot of emotions and a lot of new feelings. But you can't share them with anyone cuz it's only your personal experience. When I lived like that I didn't have close friends cuz i was moving all the time. All I had is an isolation and void. And, I wanted to do is to go away from it. That was the meaning of the album.

P.s People say that you are spending money or time when you are making music. I could definitely say - you spend your life making music. So, listen to it loud, this album is 2 years of my life.

P.p.s. I made 2 remixes on Horse The Band. This is my favorite band.
One of them released on their album. More info here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desperate_Living_%28album%29


released December 1, 2009

Contact: www.facebook.com/airbornedrumz



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Airborne Drumz Berlin, Germany

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