Nevada Desert

by Knife Of Life

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Knife Of Life - Nevada Desert is my second full instrumental album.
The main concept is 80s. 80s sci-fi movies. Cyborgs, computers, street gangs, Manhattan, desert warriors, martial arts, so on

Nevada Desert is a mixture of many genres. This time I made it more analog. A lot of modular synths melodics, electro bass, disco stubs, drum machines and other influences from 80s electronics. Guitars also have a lot from metal, rock, punk and mathcore.

Knife Of Life is a one-man band and it took me about 3 years to do everything. Recordings guitars, synths, writing lyrics, recording vocals, programming, mixing and fixing.

Each song has a story.
Mental cyborg in a leather jacket rides across Nevada Desert, carving digits on people’s backs and uses their heads as transplants. Army of machines comes from the frozen caves to fight with a tyrant, having nuclear crossfire with iron titans. Old junkie lives his past and insanity. Falling to the very bottom and rising to the stars. A nimble ninja sneaking into a castle using secret ninjutsu moves and Tiger’s mortal stare.
Also a song about my basement dweller friends. Awesome golden church and a gaze of Digital God. A story of a guy who had everything but he got bored to death, jumped to a rocket, flew towards distant stars and collapsed in a space battle.
And the last one is about a dream I had once. I was standing under huge sky near a giant muddy rushing river. It was foggy but millions of stars were watching me. There was only a void and emptiness. The place where you can reconsider every single thing you’ve done in your life.

To be honest, it was really hard work and I pray you will like this album.


released April 4, 2014

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I want to say special thanks to Maxim Yudichev for helping me with guitars and Alain ( for helping with vocal recordings, re-mixing and mastering.

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Track Name: Burning Tetra
Pedal down, we're taking off
Flying fucking to the stars
Wind's rushing into my face
Here, all my things are at the end
The rocket light is growing
And blowing and glowing.
I left Earth for you.

This wasn't the 1st time
When i was f`ing right
I'm passing by the planets
Far away, to fight.

Yes, I've never been a slave goes day by day
Look they all they all the same
i just couldn't take it, couldn't stand it anymore
...never never been a slave
I'm going to meet my fate

I was consumed by distant star
What the fuck have i achieved so far
The dream of every cell is to become two cells
You always give more than you take

Captain. How u can't see, captain...
(understanding mystery of cosmos is not that obvious)
You fucked it all up, you old man, son of a whore, you fucked it all up

Blood runs cold
I'm seeing breathtaking scene
Giant black starships rushing towards each other
Ours is down, blank stare at wall
The horror, the horror.

Red flashes glitch me up, giving short circuits in my eyes
This is the time, the time
Misfortune or fortune, no one is survived
Hello cold space. It's time to say good bye

She's sleeping on my shoulder
Clock's ticking in a silence
Children sleeping in their beds.
I'm counting the stars
My eyes are open wide.
I'm sick of fake horizons.
Fuck the house by the sea.
I'm flying towards Mars.

My heart is burning like a million suns
But i don't think it'll warm this cold black void
No signals since my crew has gone to past
From Earth where I loved them to the last

My voice has never shaken and now i'm here
This moment I'm sharp like a knife
I'm face to face with destiny the end is near
I never had any regrets in life

Son, I promise you will never be alone, like me
I swear to f`ing god you'll never lost among the stars.
So, this is it. Sleep tight, my time is now gone
See you another day, my things are here done.
Track Name: Basement Dweller
Don't you see the light at the end of the basement
Welcome downstairs where smells like feet
You wanted to come by. Hey, no worry
It's too serious commitment. Whoa, baby I'm sorry.
30 f`ing years in the internet
Fags from the /b/ are showing the path
They always telling me where to follow
Too much philosophy man, maybe write you tomorrow

Stay away from my cave
Sanic Adventure Two, bitch
Stay away, stay away
Sanic, Sanic

Nervous as fuck, i grabbed the knife
with a mental stare and in a wild panic i cut my wrists
i stubbed them like maniac
blood flowed down
what the fuck have i done

Slaves, to keep silent, stones, to be laid.
War in my mind bitch, you should be afraid
Fucking war, fucking war, fucking war
My life's hardcore.
... you just a white trash whore
Camwhore, camwhore, you don't event know me.
How dare you judge me while having cybersex
Be right back bitch, I'm hearing mom steps

Suck my dick.
Bitch you're terrific
Mother of fuck I'm telling u r f`ing wrong
You're wrong, so f`ing wrong

C'mon, c'mon calm your shaking tits, maam
Turn your speakers to the grandpa volume
Listen loud to these f'ing beats
Prepare yourself. this was the last warning
C'mon, c'mon bitch, go online,
Stand up, like a wood in the morning
I know you dance like a homosexual
Come to papa, now I'm horny

This is my life. These are my fucking rules.
Yes yes yes I'm f`ing coward.
This is my choice but all you will see
That I am proud

..but there
far away i know u r waiting for me
crying in the dark
counting seconds and flickering stars
breathing, waiting, dreaming in the silence
our feelings meanwhile flowing through the wires
joining thoughts and tiny desires
'key, let's cut the pillow talk...

Never never I'll let you in
There's no place for you. It's such a tiny kingdom
No one will ever find my secret room
F`ing unseen secret room.

I'm running treadmill like everyone else
Day by day obsessed by black machines whispers
My golden shining suit in my golden church
Epic golden throne in the golden church

I'm just fine
..epic golden church
..epic church.
Track Name: Black Tiger
The sun is sleeping in it’s tight cosmic bed
My boat is heading to the distant castle, i never will forget
I'm climbing up the stone endless wall
Birds’re singing my name, wind will never let me fall

The ancient scroll’ll whisper way to secret door
Blind spots, holes and hidden spikes are on the floor
The labyrinthine is heading to Black Tigers Flag
With passion in my heart, I'm making my way back

...he said
Its time to recall all i taught you
Its time to follow your own path
The moonlight will give you wings
and journey begins

I'm fire, I'm wind
I'm freedom, I'm stream
Once upon a f`ing time
I’ve learned how to fly

I'm tiger, I'm ghost
I'm fire, I'm frost
You’re gonna taste the steel
I became invisible

...he said me don't move for hours then become a river
Listen to the trees and keep fire in your heart
He taught me secrets of the void and deep blue space
He showed the ways, and taught the mortal ninja gaze

Last thing you'll see before you'll eat blinding powder
Katana in your anus, man, makes your screams louder
Spider sign is shining on my golden mask
My fucking shadow is fading out in the dusk

I'm summoning the toad, summoning the toad
Shapeshifting to a water spider, it's just a ninja code
Splitting into hundreds bodies, attack you with the chains
You're trying escape, leaving warm bloodstains

I'm hovering in the air, running on the water
Mysterious assassin leaves behind only slaughter
This moment so exciting, I feel so awake
Behold, i use technique of giant snake more
Black robes and knives. My sword never rust
I'm disappearing like a cosmic dust
When you see in the sky a comet's tails
Remember shinobi never fails
Track Name: Heavy Eyes
A new day has come, and troubles knock
Knock again at my door
The heart is jumping out of my chest
This isn't the 70s anymore
But I'm happy that I'm here
Now i can count, to six
It's so amazing to start this day
With an old good fix

Nothing is real and everything is possible
C'mon babe shoot this shit
Only better things ahead

Lets shake this old city by snoring a line of meth
And drink this GBL to say hello to death
Lets wake up in hospital after choke on broken glass
And smoke this evening with the amazing grass

I am like an orphan waiting for a father
Flower begging for the light in the night
Down on my knees, praying for bread
And then i saw god and god said

The words have no use
Money only only for drugs
Time is only for joy
And million stars above
(f'ing million stars)

And i was crippled. i could not speak
Oh please. I can't stand this drama
Oh good lord I can't take it
Can't stand this fucking drama

But in the night you know how it feels
Shaking on the cold floor, calling for food
Last time it was so bad
And god said

I'm running towards the sun
Epic golden brightest star
Yelling loud, I love you all
From the bottom of my burning heart

The words have no use
Money only for only for drugs
Time is only for joy
And million stars above

There was cosmos in my eyes
And the every hour was ours
And we'll meet
Where the rivers meet
And our journey will be complete

I was embraced by the sun
The earth didn't let me go (drove me into its heart)
The wind scattered my dust (and ashes too)
And the oceans made it drown (to the past)
Track Name: Winter Storm
For years and years
Frozen in the tunnels
Exploited by the tyrant
Entangled in struggles

For years and years
Without a sunlight
Exhausted in the depths
We built our muscles

But this day at last
Nightmare came to the end
The message was sent
The missile was sent!

From deserts and oceans
Our steps are getting loud
Dirty in your face, man
We came to crush your crown, here we go

Fire the engines, drop all the nukes
Awake the androids, test tractor beam

Sky cut by lasers,
Earth chopped by nukes
Covered with craters
Fuck the creators

Through ice floes
The army of machines
Mechanical lungs
Torn apart by screams

Erase the empire.
Erase the tyrant
Silent steel cold
F`ing blind

Horizon pierced by mushroom clouds
Like my chest by exit wounds
Keeping moving to the light
Deafened by roar sounds

But something went wrong
Titans fell apart
Command center drowned,
Mates no longer replying

The oceans boiled away,
The seconds stopped
Wait, i opened my eyes,
My sister is dying...

i saw her blank stare ... and then started to snow...

Night, maybe you don’t need me.
I scream the way my throat bleeds
My road stops here.
No son, it was just a bad dream

Back, back,
To the desert, to winter
We are burning piles of metal, we failed
This is how it ends, this is how it ends
Track Name: Hands Of Steel
Do u hear a roar of my engine, bitch?
I'm riding towards sunset to my amazing dream
Leather jacket reflects fading light
Wind of change's blowing to my face all night
With all passion in my computer heart
The united states man I'll tear you apart

Smell of burning tires
Smell of heavy acid rain
Back to Nevada desert
Shut up bitch for the fuck sake

Trying to survive
Trying to catch a snake
Backroads of America
Yes, this bakes my cake

Red dragon dirty pub
Streets are full of trash
Dirty in-your-face, bitch,
I fall only if my chopper crash

Lets dance on broken glass
My patch with purple wings
Baby shake that ass
Police light blinks

Wake up, drunks and strippers
Lets rock. you lazy filthy bums
Taste your last drink
Follow my program
Get ready to see who i am

Atom heart
Hands of steel
Cold and blind
Keep your eyes peeled

Look black clouds just collapsed
Lightning struck me in the chest
Circuits'll never be the same again

Black abyss of my electronic heart just glitched,
my electronic cyberheart just glitched

Sometimes I'm having nightmares
I'm in a mask of a Digital God
Following you with an xray
Your sweat makes you easy to spot.
I'll use you head as a f`ing transplant (as f`ing transplant, bitch)
Carving million of digits on your back
Life is just a f`ing glitch

Blue lasers blank eyes
Machine will never die
I don't need a gun
Chaos in my head but
Work must be done

Cold razor in my hand.
The time about stab
I remember when i was just an orphan.
Cold air in the lab
I'll never forget his words.
Machine will never stop
Take this knife and finish the job

Always a stranger I stand alone
Alone in the the evening
Alone in the the dawn
i do it for you girl, do it for you
The world is waiting
and I know that you too
Track Name: By The River
The sun so high, so many places to go
Another lazy day in the city center, so
I'm closing my eyes and filling lungs with warm air
So sweet then the wind's rustling through your hair

We just walking around, holding hands
Birds're flying south, i guess it's summer's end
But it's ok, it was just fine
Hanging out with friends, days go by

Get back, come back...
You never know how much time you'll have upon
Never really appreciate something until it's gone
Life burns, under the sky full of stars
Mind full of memories like body full of scars
While I remember I still alive
But it feels like being stubbed in heart with knife
I still remember everyone of you, everyone of you,
Every single one of you

Parents, friends, wife, kids
Places where I'll never be again
i still remember everyone of you
Every single one of you

Love hurts but you can take it
Friends fail you but you forgive
I've never had a choice but who had
I just believe

Life flows, it keep on flowing
Just accept that the past has passed
C'mon enjoy these lazy moments
Earth to earth and dust to dust

I'm watching a dream, I'm by the big river
I'm standing still under
Thousands of thousands of thousands of lights
Tell me the way to take you back,
Tell me the way to take anyone of you back
I forgot how to see, the seconds just flying by

It flows like my life,
Keeping its secrets
Memories fading away
My voice carrying away by the wind
I'm sinking, I'm quiet, unseen