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"Heart Online" is about things you feel deep down inside. It's about outer space, about time. It's about emotions and high hopes. It's about hard feelings you are going thru, about relationships between people. It's about love and about parting. And about how it is happening behind the screen and thru the wires.

Here it is! After 1,5 years of work. It was awesome experience to make "Heart Online" because we never worked with such music before. All the material was made, recorded and mixed by B and we played a few gigs to make our songs better. We payed only for the studio to record vocals with a good quality and other things were made at home, so, it's kinda 100 present DIY album. In the end, we decided to release album on a SD card cuz a real life album is a fetish, fuck formats.

What we want to say about ideas. We don't know how all other ppl live. We wanted to make our songs about ppl we know, real life we know and about bad and good experience we have. About heavy drugs and about addiction. Internet and millions of others. That it isn't good or bad. This is just cuz life changed and ppl just live this way. We think that the life is the same everywhere. The difference for a person is where he think he lives. In a ideal happy world or in a real life world. And it's concerns all aspects of the life. The album is about how the internet changed the way how we think and in what we believe.

Making the album: www.youtube.com/watch?v=APDaR0EEPF0
"Digital Heart" video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRL5QTSAv30


released December 1, 2010

Facebook official page: www.facebook.com/ghfcband
Contact: www.facebook.com/airbornedrumz



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Airborne Drumz Berlin, Germany

Airborne Drumz and side projects.

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Track Name: The Seconds
Welcome to the oneway path
To the Space and infinite endless f'ing Rush
Broken rusted clock we all remain within it.

But the time has gone
What the fuck i've done
What have i become

Just see
Time is clicking clicking flying
Wears me down

Seconds running running out
Leaving dreams so far behind
Everything seems predefined
Wanna change it-- fuck...

Time. Bitch, are you ready
Cut out all the flashbacks out from your mind.
... you lost in gray your days are fading out
Lord of TEH INTERNETS just right in time
Make your eyes sad
Again again again and again
He fixes you so bad

Never seconds will stop
I lost in hyperspace 4ever till i drop

I can't breath, why
Look back and see wat u did
Still can't , ah...

Back to that summer you tore out my heart
Million miles away, i was broken enough
So, this is how it ends
I'm walking in circles this is the end

Time is going. we are getting old but who really cares what happen to us before
Who really cares but it will never happen again. wtf man

But i still breath and still f'ing alive


Our whole story was just on a physical memory but i erased it, i erased it now. . .
I killed all your contacts, social networks, emails, phone numbers . . . and i'm finally free and blank


... it's time.
Track Name: Mermaid
I'm heading old dilapidated mill
Where under dimmy rainbow you deeply sleep inside the weir

"this Autumn will be so long"

My hook on your mouth
My hook on your mouth whore
Stop twitch u lil slut
Get used to pain

...yeah, a good girl
Welcome to new world
Don't shy, enjoy this suffering

"Hello dude! i want to have sex with your mermaid"
"you know the price it's f'ing 20 backs"
"oh no, is too much"

You know the bait i'm gonna cheat ya with
From now on stop saying "masta please"
Hello! try watch thru vacuum bad
Dollface n million lines of crack
How u can ignore this so far
Wake up u fuck!

..catheters and pills
Childlike smile, shining eyes, amazing hair
Your tail tastes just perfect, your smell is in the air


Your arms are fucking weak
Thru gag u cannot speak
TESLA BALL is charged as fuck
You afraid inside
Tapes and belts cover light
Bitch, stop me asking y

Sun is gone below the horizon
Now enjoy amazing games
Dirty thoughts, tied hands,
Bleeding lips, tailplay

Count days, sink, die,
Drown quite, don't cry

"Deep down, i feel a cold
I'm so weak ... and sick
...someone's coming"

Ahhhh... take my time
Track Name: Pink Unicorn
You are flying among the clouds
Puffy clouds n you laughing
Sun, sky n sexy smile

When suddenly u feel wrong
Magical land's too mainstream

Castles, stars, hills n lakes
Trees n meadows, rainbows
Cutie pinky unicorn
No one knows your ways..

N he decided to change things

You run to Mystery train,rush along to fucking North
Where did your 'net friend live, where your live is something worth
Motherfucking far 'way lands, far corners of offline
Million miles to sunset towards thin horizon line.
...and Inglip has been summoned

"and this one is a holographic unicorn"

You arrived but no one waits you

What you're gonna do horseface
U caught in fucking trap!

It's strange .. i stand alone now
How it happened and what to do but...
...i so messed up?

YOU! Lost all f'ing money, now u can only pray!
AHHH! crows stole your stuff and flew the fuck away!
Coyotes beaten you down
Take punch in face, bleed slut
Being trashed as fuck

Your horn has been broken
Your wings have been broken
Your life ...
Did u get wat u wanted, whore?

Days fly fast
You lost in woods
Hair's matted, clothes wore out
Your live become a total mess
Starving eyes just see black clouds

"i can't go on hiding anymore.
That's what I've been doing...running and hiding.
Anyway, by the time you get this letter, it'll be all over.
I know what i'm doing and i know i'm right."

Cried like over 9000 rains
Heartsick, heavy dreams
Past now just 's withered frames.
Do you miss all those days

One day he woke up and saw the fire in the woods and local animals in front of it
He meet 'em and everything became alright

You are flying among the clouds
Puffy clouds n u laughing
Sun, sky, iced wind
So cold u feel it under your skin

NEVER! it will be the same again
Track Name: Back To The Earth
Last few years i stuck inside my past
Couldn't take what bring another day
i stray among that endless dusty path
and then i am lost my last way

Black myriads of memories stuck inside my veins
Starring eyes of life trear me apart
Fractals in my head, just get away from me
... when i lost my home

But the flowers wilt, fell and gone
Million stars are just fade away and hide
i'm crushed into my weak and empty hands
so wasted, broken, ruined and ignored

Oh no, my heart went cold
wind 's dropped, seconds stopped
Sea calmed down and i forgot
i, i lost something deep inside
i, i can't see again that light

Once upon a fucking time i'm dreamed a lot and i'm tried
once upon that fucking time i died

Birds and sky now call me
Falling stars now light my path
but black planets staring gaze
don't let me be free so fast

Once upon a fucking time
i lost my love among the stars
and i promised that my heart
never will be cold
till i f'ing die

"The starship is ready
so, welcome aboard.
we won't get back to the Earth
good bye"

Finally i found my home
Space now breath with me at last
Finally i'm seeing your eyes
Track Name: Pixels On The Screen
"i wanna do the right thing.
I wanna go back.
I.... i.... i can- i can start again.
I can change.
I can- i can help.
I just need a.... need to rest up for a little while.."

Black cloud,
The sorrow of a thousand birds
The fading distance, and
I hold u close
But this time
It's hopeless and heartless
Pointless and useless,
Soaked with pain
I wake up a minute before alarm... then my thoughts are start to come.
Few seconds later I recalling your name. . . your name, n then, then you.
I'm lying a while, counting seconds, thinking of days, remembering things,
Then I open my eyes and see that nothing has changed..

I need a word from you.
It makes me feel so low
I did this fuckin' trip
Just tell me f'ing NO

I hoped it was the end!
But it was just the begining.

I had a dream last night
That there's no ..
There's no time
There's no distances n pain
I'm sorry ... but I hate 2 wait

I feel something new
You are drawing me on
Thru this heaviest rain
To the brightest dawn

Highest clouds went pink
Transparent, came fucking ease
With this lightness in the skies
Hope in air and the blinding light

Birds came home
And brought us Spring
...but they were on broken wings

I went back to the desert
Fucking ruined and alone

"i share rooms with her.
Our relationship is normal' conforming.
We share nothing...but space.
What is she doing to me?"

This time, my feelings failed me
I thought that it was reciprocal but ITS NOT!
It was just a lie
Now all I got is blazing in my mind

OHH NO! Now everything is gone.
We were so fucking close.
I died without ... YOUR RESPONSE.
Track Name: Digital Heart
Listen to my siren whore
My flag still waves in the sunset
Open wounds are mute and nothing
Like metal noises in my f'ing chest

Like an quantization error
I had sex with your drum machine
Which divided me into the noise layers
Which made my heart totally digital

Pray to your Digital god

Army of transformers waits
till u experiencing the heaviest withdrawal
and the thirst of posts and sensations
and this feeling it cuts it layers it wears me the fuck down

"your mind has been transported back in time in to Mars"

This room is so weird it's getting smaller and smaller
Are you kids have enough fun?
try to play it on the fucking lowest resolution
and enjoy all the side effects under the sun

but you still wait.
Again, again and again.
my eyes are injured with this gray

Welcome back to system, lier!
Enjoy this terror again
and this is the signal to stop your heartbeat for a while
when needle fucks a vein
Track Name: July
All the days are gone. Time has run all out
Wolfs are callin' my name. I cant take their shout
It's like a sand. Voices are getting loud
I'm Fucking lost my home. I'm totally burnt out.

What about now
What about now
Just see, motherfucker,
Hey, you got nothing

"l don't think l can do the job, captain.
I don't think l can handle it, that's all.
I don't know.
It's just.... lt's ju--
Things happening to me, you know.
I don't know that l can handle it.
I want you to know that it's not
Because l'm afraid or anything.
It's just stuff going down,
L don't think l can....
L can deal with that.."